Communication design student at HSA and currently living in Berlin. I'm in love with artistic exploration and always on the search for new ways to express myself <3





distorted dreams of kvr25N17S8/8 2020 art magazine

Imagine your computers RAM would have a dream, processing the websites you visited. I am visualizing this scenario using video scans, dealing with topics like the human influence on nature, oppression, ecstasy, drugs and death. The book is commenting on digital information overload and does picture internet media as a mirror to human society.

trance magazine 2020 art magazine

Trance magazine is a private collaborative project I did with Gabriel Tilbury. Visually and contentual it deals with the different states of human consciousness. Coma, trance, dream, sleep, hypnagogia, wakefulness.

form experiments 2021 digital sculptures

Experimenting with lighting, color and form.

Isolation Berlin 2020 Cyanotype

Analog collage layering photography, graphic shapes, text and different materials. Homage to the band "Isolation Berlin", whose lyrics deal with desolation of everyday life in Berlin.

Berlin 2020 2020 photo series

In June 2020 Berlin was recovering from the first corona-wave. It was also the time of the first big Black Lives Matter demos after the death of George Floyd. Following on from my cyanotype project, I went to Berlin to document desolation in everyday life. For three days I tried to catch an impression of the city and its inhabitants.

böse brut 2021 typeface

Böse and Brut are two complementary typefaces, created at the same time and based on each other. Böse is my take on creating a Garamond interpretation with the most malicious appearance possible. Based on tribal motifs, it combines curved and pointed shapes. Böse is especially good for title texts. Brut is a brutalist Garamond interpretation, which has a brutal, aggressive appearance due to its hart shapes and pointed serifs. Brut initially served as a framework for Böse, but then developed into an independent font. It is also more easy to read in running texts, so that both fonts can be easily combined with each other. Both typefaces are featured in m3.11b.

ZELLE 2021 art exhibition

ZELLE is an art installation/exhibition dealing with isolation. Part of the installation was a cell, made out of tape and bubble wrap. While working on the artworks for the exhibition, I did isolate myself in that cell.

ZELLE 2021 artworks

The works that were created in the ZELLE project explore the changing mental stages of a fictional character going deeper and deeper into isolation, leading to a complete loss of reality. (mixed media on paper, 50x35cm)

raum 3 2021 installation

An interactive installation that deals with the individual in digital space. The visitors feed the room with image and sound, and are confronted with the constantly growing amount of data. The individual can not be recognized as a whole, only as a scattered and superficial reflection, until its image drowns completely in the collected amount of data. The Project was a collaboration with Anton Schmitt ,he worked on the sound, and I worked on the visuals.


Noah Sinning
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Love to Jutta, Jonas , Ines, Gabbo, Olivia, Oli, Chancy, Ella and Manu <3


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